FamTrip Accent Français Montpellier, August 2019

Before the Alphe UK workshop 2019, a professional workshop where schools and agents can meet, Accent Français invited 10 agents from all over the world for a FamTrip. They had the opportunity to discover or rediscover Montpellier as an ideal destination to learn the French language and to visit Accent Français, a top quality language school in the heart of the city center.

It was a really nice experience for us to meet our partners in person, show them the school, the city center of Montpellier, the village of St Guilhem le Désert. They discovered the beauty of South France, the richness of the French gastronomy and wines.

Now they know how to reach Montpellier, what are the best things to do in here for culture, sports or leisure and how Accent Français offers the best learning conditions to its students. Our partner agents will be delighted to advise you for your immersion program in France, they are based in Japan, Taiwan, Ecuador, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine... Don't hesitate to ask us for a local contact for any question or request.

Thanks for joining us and special thanks to our dearest local partners as well : Office de tourisme de Montpellier, Hérault Tourisme, Résidence Marianne et Oculture !

Let's have a look at their experience with the lovely pictures they have taken !

Next year, you might be in :-)



DAY 1 - Visit of the school, the agents visited the school and meet the school team, the manager Virginie Courau and sales manager Stephanie Checa

Visit of the city center of montpellier with the tourisme office 

Dinner at the beach 

Day 2  - Visit of the village St Guillaume le Désert

Wine tasting